Clay Web Portfolio Purpose:

  • To reflect on your progress and learning since the beginning of the semester;

  • To showcase and share your work

This is your Clay Final: If you take other art classes, you will add your work to this portfolio.

Using iweb, you will create a portfolio of your work.

I will share your project images through iPhoto; these have already been photographed, but may need to be cropped (you might also opt to retake your own images)

In Class Assignments:

  • Your start page should include your first name and art portfolio (i.e., "Holly's Clay Portfolio 2009-10"), as well as an image or two; write a brief artist statement that addresses at least the following (at least 4 sentences) - what are your specific interests in regards to clay, why did you take this class.

Write a paragraph that summarizes the three most important things you learned this semester. Be sure you include why these things are important to your growth as an art student. Please be very specific when referencing work and/or projects.

  • Include a Table of Contents (this will be a helpful organizational tool for both this class and for possible future art classes)

  • Using a separate page for each project, include the in-class projects up to this point:

  1. Push Pull Sculpture

  2. Pinch Pot, including footed pot

  3. Pueblo Pot
  4. Luminaria (open coil pots)
  5. Mug (do this if your mug is glazed and out of the kiln.)
  6. Box (do this if your box is glazed and out of the kiln.)
  • Label each project and briefly describe the project, including the purpose of the assignment, method of clay forming used, any planning notes you feel would be helpful to see, any associated cultural links that we studied, as well as what learning you took from the assignment.

Influential Artists and Images:

  • Please include a page where you have clay work that you find interesting and compelling to look at. (Think of this as an on-line file folder of favorites.) This can also include links to clay websites you think are great/noteworthy.

  • Whatever you add must be given credit: title, artist, date if you can find it. Please write what you find intriguing about each work.