Slab Boxes with Lids

Clay I Examples

Possible Box Topics:

Concept/Idea box about: space, emptiness, freedom, restriction, rebellion, safety, fear, anger, etc.
Tangible object box about: lobsters, the ocean, butterflies, flowers, hockey, sailing, hiking, etc.
Design Element Box about: a particular shape, a type of line, a letter or series of letters or numbers, patterns, etc.


(You must have your idea approved before you get clay.)


o Research and draw at least 3 examples of Slab boxes from the web or books/mags., put in sketchbook.
o Determine whether you will be creating a box to communicate a concept, object, or design element:
o Plan a linear/design element that ties into your box design and encourages the eye to move around the box (this will create movement and contrast in your box)
o Plan and draw your box, remembering to have unity in all your elements: box form, lid, handle
o Use oak tag to make templates for slabs

o finished dimensions should be no greater than 5” x 5”
o All sides and bottom must be attached securely

o Needs to not slide off: must have a lip, overhang, or underside ridge

o Securely attached to lid
o Compliments box
o Should be proportional to the size of the box and the lid

o Optional, should match box, should be securely attached

o No Lazy Glazing: must show thoughtful planning/reasoning that complements your forms
o Wax Resist a possibility (I will show you how)