Sculpture Exploration

You are about to embark upon a project in which you will be moving clay around to form positive and negative spaces that work together to create a satisfying form. But first, you need to check out what others have done before you.

1. Each group will pick, at random, one of the following artists to study. Each student will work individually, to find the following information and document in a word/pages document:

Brief Background info (give MLA format credit for any sites you use):
  • Name of artist
  • What are your artist's life dates and where is your artist from?
  • Interesting fact(s) about your artist - At least two.
  • Two works of your artist's sculpture (please answer questions below for each piece)
  1. When was it created?
  2. What is it made of?
  3. What size is it?
  4. Where is it today? (In a museum, etc.?)
  5. What do you like about this work? Can you explain it?

2. Each group will research this sculptor, answering the questions above, and put together a presentation that includes approximately 4 examples of work (labeled and dated) of this artist. Your group needs to agree on the works to be included in this slide show. They need to be:
  • Visually appealing
  • Good quality images
  • Arranged in chronological order

3. You will then present the information about your artist to the assembled class. Each member of the team will take turns talking about a different work of art.

Sculptors to be studied:

Presentation Assessment for Work:
4 = All directions are followed and students have gone above and beyond the basic expectation
3 = All directions are followed
2 = Some directions are not followed correctly
1 = Many directions are not followed
  • information was accurate and presented in both slide form and orally.
  • The images used are of good quality.
  • The presentation is complete and covers a good range of three-dimensional works.
  • The choice of works represented the artist so that others could appreciate it.
  • The students talking about the work had some interesting facts and several thoughtful comments about it.
  • The team worked cooperatively to get the research done, sharing ideas before agreeing upon the final product.