Pueblo Pottery Research Instructions

You are going to be creating a coil pot in the style of the Pueblo Indians. For surface treatment you will be using either underglazes or sgraffito (a technique in which glaze is carved away to reveal the underlying clay or glaze) to create Native American-inspired surfaces that emphasize good design principles--unity, rhythm and balance.

To research this, please go to:

With your partner (who I will assign), please choose a group of Pueblo Indians to study (Please don't take the same Pueblo group as another pair). While you might Google whichever Pueblo you choose, following are a few sites that contain links to many. http://www.pueblopotteryme.com/

Pueblo Pottery Maine (the above site) has links to: Acoma, Hopi, Jemez, Laguna, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Zia, and Zuni Pottery


There are also great books in the classroom to use as resources.


  • Please create a visual that will illustrate your findings and demonstrate your particular Pueblo’s style in both pottery forms and decorations to others in the class. Your visual should be 12 x 18. Following is the information that needs to be on your visual (you might want to make the word document first, then print out the images and description to go on your big visual.):
1. The name of your Pueblo, typed or written clearly.
2. A brief history of your Pueblo’s connection to clay, including methods of construction used, descriptions of typical designs, well-known potters associated with your Pueblo, and any other details you think are interesting.
3. One large visual example typical of your Pueblo’s pottery (printed in color at high quality resolution, at least 6” tall for the bigger visual).
4. At least four (4) smaller visuals showing both different shapes of the clay vessels and different designs.
5. Any other facts or visuals that you think would increase other viewers’ understanding of your Pueblo’s connection to clay.