Pueblo Ceramics

To research this, please go to:

Click on the round classroom icon at the bottom of the page, then click and read a “brief history” of the Pueblo Indians, then a history of their pottery.
Please answer the following questions (you should put them in your sketchbook)
1. What does the word pueblo mean?
2. How did the Spaniards significantly affect the preservation of pueblo pottery? What custom did they forbid?
3. What is the primary way Pueblo pottery is preserved today?

  • Next click on the gallery icon and choose to browse the thumbnails. This choice will give you small pictures of 60 different pieces of pottery. When you look at this a few will jump out that have very geometric designs. While you should look at those, you should also look at the pottery by Pueblo as that will give you more examples.
  • In your sketchbook please print/glue or carefully draw at least four (4) examples of Pueblo designs you find on their pottery (and find appealing). Please write which Pueblo each is from and why you find the examples interesting/appealing.