Introduction to Clay

Mackey, Maureen. Experience Clay. Worcester, MA. Davis Publications, Inc. 2003.

Please read the Intro chapter and answer the following questions.

1. How is clay created?

2. What is meant by saying clay is plastic?

3. What three variables are key ingredients when working with clay?

4. How far back does working with clay date?

5. What happens if you fire a piece of clay before it is dry?

6. What very important practical use did clay have when first used?

7. Name three informative tidbits early potters passed down from generations to generation:

8. How did early potters remove impurities, such as small stones, from their clay?

9. What is liquid clay called?

10. What did early potters add to their clay to help it keep its form?

11. What does wedging your clay do?