Final Clay Portfolio Assessment

Spelling and punctuation are correct; complete sentences are used throughout the portfolio.
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Each in-class project is accompanied by a paragraph that clearly describes the project, including the method of construction, any cultural links, and your learning.
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Paragraph that summarizes the three most important things you learned this semester. This should include why these things are important to your growth as an art student and be specific when referencing work/projects.
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Artist's Statement, written in paragraph form, is included and addresses the prompts (what are your specific interests in regards to clay and why did you take this class)
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Directions carefully followed:
  • First name, Art Portfolio, and year, is included on the start page; i.e. Holly's Art Portfolio 2009
  • Portfolio has at least nine pages: Welcome page, table of contents, 6 pages of in-class assignments, inspiring work page
  • Start page and Table of contents should include images (they should be your work)
  • Influential Artists and Images page has appropriate credit given to the artists for their work.
  • Table of Contents should be organized in chronological order (project completed earlier should be first; inspiring clay page will be last)
  • Theme chosen does not compete with the artwork; theme chosen is neutral
  • Assignments are correctly labeled
  • Photographs of artwork are cropped appropriately
  • Artwork is re-sized so that it is the focal point; the artwork should be an important part of the page
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